General Audition Information

Interested in performing on stage with Way Way Off-Broadway?  Auditions are held prior to each show that WWOB produces, and is open for anyone to try out.  Previous performing  experience is not required, all we ask is that you are willing to dedicate the considerable time and effort it takes for rehearsals and performances, so that we can put on the very best show that we can. At your audition, you may sing a song of your choosing (please bring a CD or USB accompaniment track), or sing music that we will provide. Either way, make sure you bring your great personality and energy! DISCLAIMER:  With so many talented people auditioning for our shows, our Production Teams are faced with the difficult task of casting a show with the right people.  Regardless of any previous conversations with, or comments from, members of the Production Team, everyone must participate in the audition process, and no one is assigned a role until auditions are complete.  Occasionally, certain roles or productions will be assigned prior to or without holding open auditions; however, this will not occur unless specifically announced by WWOB.

Upcoming Auditions for

November 26 – 27, 2018
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
ENMU-Roswell Performing Arts Center

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Narrator (Female, Soprano with extended mix/belt range, Low F# to High G)- tells the story through word and song, guiding the audience through the story of Joseph and his brothers.  She needs to be a strong singer and actress who can draw the audience into the saga of Joseph and his brothers, showing what shapes them into the men they were destined to become.

Joseph (Male, Early 20s, (High Tenor, Vocal Range Low A to High    G))- Eleventh and favorite son of Jacob, with a predilection for prophecy. Confident, yet charming. Must be an adept singer and performer.

Jacob (Male, 50s-70s, Baritone, Low A to C)- Father of Joseph and the Brothers; favors Joseph far beyond the others, even after his departure.

Pharaoh (Male, 30-50, Baritone, Low B to High G#) – The most powerful man in Egypt, Pharaoh is intended to have the feel of a Las Vegas-esque Elvis impersonator.

Potiphar(Tenor, 50s-70s, Baritone, D to B) – Rich business man, whose household Joseph works in briefly before going to prison.

Potiphar’s Wife (Female) – Unfaithful wife of Potiphar. Selfish and immoral.

The Wives–  Will play multiple roles throughout the show including wives to Jacob and his  sons and citizens of Egypt. They sing and dance throughout the entire    show. Energetic singers who move well.

The Brothers– scheming men who, out of jealousy, sell Joseph into slavery rather than deal with the favoritism he faces from their father. The brothers function as the male ensemble members as well.

  • Reuben- The eldest of the brothers. Quick to lie for his own good, Reuben sings “One More Angel in Heaven”
  • Simeon – The second oldest. First to admit that selling Joseph was a mistake- sings “Those Canaan Days”
  • Levi – Third oldest brother.
  • Judah – The fourth oldest of the brothers, sings “Benjamin Calypso.” Cares about his younger brothers.
  • Dan – Fifth oldest brother.
  • Naphtali -Sixth oldest brother.
  • Gad – Sixth youngest brother.
  • Asher – Fifth youngest brother.
  • Issachar – Fourth youngest brother.
  • Zebulun – Third youngest brother- slightly older than Joseph.
  • Benjamin – The youngest and most innocent of the brothers. Jacob’s only other son with Joseph’s mother.

Baker and Butler (Tenors)- Two men in prison with Joseph, who both are good, but face precarious situations. These men double as brothers.

Childrens’ Chorus (Ages 8 – 13)