Mission & History

WWOB’s Mission and History

WWOB’s Mission and Purpose is to entertain, educate, and enrich our local community by providing professional-level theatrical experiences for performers and audiences alike.

Way Way Off-Broadway Theatre Company was founded in 2014, but the dream and concept of such an organization has existed for much longer.  WWOB’s Artistic Director Summer Souza literally grew-up in the theatre in California, singing, dancing and acting in countless performances with many different theatre companies.  Her passion and love for theatre and performing followed her into adulthood, where she would meet her future husband Tony Souza, who also enjoyed acting and singing.  After moving to Roswell in 2005 and starting a family, Summer returned to the stage, working briefly with the Roswell Community Little Theatre, and then performing in several ENMU-R productions including Grease, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Hairspray.  Along the way Summer met fellow performers Dominic Batista, Eric Johnston-Ortiz and Julie Washichek who also shared her passion and love of performing, and was even able to coax her husband out of “retirement” to perform again.  These five felt that local actors, actresses and audiences were ready for more opportunity to experience the magic of live theatre.

It was through this energy and desire that Way Way Off-Broadway was born.

Way Way Off-Broadway Theatre Company was founded by a group of people with a true passion for theatre and a dedicated belief in its importance in the community.  Our company believes that the southeast New Mexico area is ready for the next level of theatrical production, both as performers and audience members.  We believe that art, in all its forms, holds great importance in the lives and education of our children, and when it is absent the community suffers.  We value the institutions and organizations already in place that support theatre and the arts, and look forward to working and collaborating with them to further our collective causes.  As a non-profit organization, we feel that our community should profit from our productions, not the individual.

Like the art form it supports, WWOB continues to evolve and grow through each production and event.  Board Members have come and gone, many new young performers have become regulars on stage while others have moved on to advance their studies or begin careers.  And it’s through this example that we demonstrate our most important quality – that theatre lives on beyond the individual. A set is designed and created, roles are cast, and a show is performed.  It’s a collaboration – a team effort.  And then it goes away.  Sets are disassembled, equipment is put up and people who have spent hour upon hour with one another say goodbye.  And while it is sometimes difficult, it is never sad – because a new show, a new cast, a new set are ready to take its place.  And thus it continues.  It is our sincere hope that WWOB continues to flourish above and beyond our imagination. Beyond us.

The stage is set, the cast is rehearsed, and the audience is ready…

We’ll see you at the theatre!