Production Team

Production Team

Production Teams are composed of the talented and creative individuals who bring the show to life through planning, designing, building and rehearsing.  In fact, just as much goes on behind-the-scenes of a production as the performances on stage.  Production Team members are a dedicated group of volunteers who serve the productions in a variety of ways.

Check out the information below and use the CONTACT page if you’re interested in serving on a Production Team.


As the person responsible for the entire production, the Director serves to plan, coordinate, and implement the various aspects of the show including auditions and casting, staging, set and costume design, and show promotion.  The Director works directly under the supervision of the WWOB Artistic Director.

Music Director

On musical productions, it is the responsibility of the Music Director to teach and direct all musical and sound aspects of the show.  From teaching the cast the songs to selecting musicians or tracks for the musical accompaniment, the Music Director is a critical member of the Production Team.  The ability to read music and play piano are required in order to serve as Music Director.  The production’s Music Director works under the supervision of the WWOB Music Director.

Technical Director

The Technical Director is responsible for designing and staging the technical elements of each production including special lighting effects, specialy props or set elements, and stunts.  The Technical Director works closely with the set design and construction team, and works directly under the supervision of the Director.  Technical Directors may not be necessary on all WWOB Productions.

Assistant Directors

Assistant Directors serve as support staff for the production, primarily assisting the production’s Director, Music Director, or Technical Director respectively.  Anyone interested in becoming a Director, Musical Director, or Technical Director must first serve as an Assistant Director and have approval of the WWOB Artistic Director.

Production Designers

From costumes and make-up to set and lighting design, Production Designers are the folks who bring the look and feel of each production to life.  Experience in production design is not necessary just a desire and willingness to learn.

Stage Manager

Throughout the rehearsal process, the Stage Manager is responsible for keeping the production organized and on-schedule.  Once the show is on stage, the Stage Manager leads the production and ensures consistency throughout each performance.  The Stage Manager may also be tasked with helping backstage with set changes and prop accountability.