Get Involved

Getting Involved with Way Way Off-Broadway

Way Way Off-Broadway Theatre Company is a 100 percent volunteer organization.  The only reason we can stage the productions and events that we do is through the selfless and tireless dedication of people like you who volunteer their time and talent.  From performing on stage to greeting guests as an usher to desiging and building sets, there are so many ways that you can get involved with WWOB.  Read below for more information about how you can become part of the WWOB family.


Interested in performing on stage with Way Way Off-Broadway? Auditions are held prior to each show that WWOB produces, and is open for anyone to try out. Previous performing experience is not required all we ask… READ MORE

Production Team

Production Teams are composed of the talented and creative individuals who bring the show to life through planning, designing, directing, coordinating, rehearsing and more! In fact, just as much goes on behind-the-scenes of a production as the performances on stage… READ MORE

Volunteer Opportunities

There is a lot more that goes into bring a show to life on stage besides directing, rehearsing, and performing. Sets are constructed, programs are printed, and an entire staff must be ready to greet guests as they come to the theatre… READ MORE